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About Company


AM Products Sourcing & Design Ltd, headquarter located in Hong Kong and factory in China. We are a comprehensive suppliers for all kinds of the luxury packaging items.

Our Aim :

We provide innovation design, competitive price, reliable quality products, punctuality delivery and excellent services to our customer.

Our Services :

OEM Development is available; We will provide a “One Stop” service from product development to production and packaging to our customer.

And to build up good business relationships with our clients, spanning from the general enquiries to delivery, we follow closely to our clients with full details and progress status; in keeping them well-informed and the most satisfaction. Whether it is a pre-production sample / end-product packaging / Quality Control / all Shipping services our company would provide expertise to ensure our customers of getting the best quality products. In addition,

As a new client, you can contact the representative of the customer support group, who will guide you throughout the whole
we have a professional designer that specializes on any graphic or packaging design for the custom-made orders too.

Our Products :

Acrylic Products : LED Display, Menu Holder, Box, Tray, Photo Frame, Stationery…etc.

Wooden Products : Wooden box, Furniture, Shop Display, Photo Frame, Small Gifts …etc.

Paper Boxes: For Perfume , Wine , Jewelry.. etc.

Keeping our passion of perfection, we are looking forward to a new challenges and further business development from our customer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with you detailed inquiries at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We are always eager to offer you the best professional services support.